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Why I Believe New Age Thinking to Be Harmful in Magick and in Life


I think this is an important issue to discuss so let’s discuss! 

A lot of people come to find out about ceremonial magick because they have become familiar with similar concepts that appear in what is colloquially known as the “New Age” movement. It has been garnering a lot of popularity recently especially on Tumblr and other parts of the Internet. This is unsurprising, considering that large portions of the New Age movement has its roots in ceremonial magick and the Secret Teachings—for instance sacred geometry, chakra work, yoga, herb medicine, belief in angelic beings, and meditation. New Agers teach that spirituality is an open forum and that no matter what peoples beliefs if they think positively enough, they too will be able to transcend. New Ageism combines philosophies from indigenous, Buddhist, Hindu, and Western mystery traditions as citation for how to live, especially emphasizing harmony with the earth and environment. 

New Agers often like to adopt the stance that everything can be conquered through the philosophy of Free Love, where there are no rules, and no restrictions for how a person should live their lives, so long as it revolves around the philosophy of Free Love. They also apply this to the entities they work with—aliens, angels, spirits, and gods love us and would never deceive or harm us because they are transcendent beings themselves. Other byproducts of the New Age movement include a rejection of traditional medicine for holistic treatment, positive motivational thinking, and a culture of “spiritual self-help” such as Doreen Virtue’s books that were mentioned a few asks ago. Another frequent phenomena of the New Age movement is something called “indigo children”—children who supposedly are spiritually and intellectually advanced and are supposed to lead us into a New Age of peace, tolerance, and spiritual transcendence. 

At first glance this doesn’t seem to be so terrible. What’s wrong with a philosophy of Free Love, or retaining a hopeful and positive attitude about the new Aeon? Well…let’s examine the philosophy a little deeper by examining my objections.

  1. New Ageism believes in belief, not hard work. No matter how positive you may be about the outcome of your magickal working, merely hoping and retaining a sunny outlook is not going to be the primary driving force behind your success. As I said before, magick takes hard work. And so does any legitimate spiritual system. One does not just pick up skills with little to no effort because they remain positive, and telling people they can get whatever they want, magickal or no, just through telling themselves they will, is false hope. And that sets people up for disappointment and failure. 
  2. New Ageism promotes communication with astral or other divine beings without giving you the safety precautions necessary for such an interaction. New Agers’ belief that all spirits are essentially “good” and would never harm a human being is simply, excuse my French, fucking ludicrous. While I believe that essentially YHVH is good and loves His creation (“He saw that it was good”) I’m not silly enough to just apply the label to every aspect of Him. He is a complete being just like you or I and that means He has a side that can be not so pleasant—just like you or I. If you’re a seasoned Wiccan or pagan that has worked with deities before you know very well that just because gods appreciate us doesn’t mean they don’t think taking you for a ride won’t be some funny shit, or that they won’t get a kick out of it. And some spirits or entities are just plain malicious. That’s a fact, Jack! Telling people that they can just contact entities casually, whenever they want, from whatever tradition, is setting people up for a dangerous encounter. Entities deserve respect and don’t think that they can’t tell if you’ve done your homework or not. They can. That isn’t to say all entities are bad or all entities will hurt you—but there are some that will. You’ve been warned.
  3. New Ageism promotes racist colonialism. This is more of a social justice issue but it’s still valid and it’s still harmful. New Age people have been stealing holistic techniques from indigenous and First Nation people for years without permission or respect, and have been repackaging these techniques and traditions as their own, to sell for profit, to (usually) other white people, with very little accuracy or legitimacy involved. The desecration of these cultures is absolutely unacceptable and removing them from their original context not only destroys their spiritual power but also continues to perpetuate racist stereotypes of brown people. New Ageism, in short, promotes racist colonialism in return for “feel good” nonsense.
  4. New Ageism prefers Free Love to practical wisdom. New Agers talk about love—but they don’t talk about much else. We all know that ideally we should strive to be good people, but being a good person doesn’t mean that one day you won’t have to defend yourself. We all know loving your enemies only gets you so far—especially if said enemy holds power or authority over you in the situation, can take away your financial or emotional livelihood, or has the power to continue to abuse either you or someone you love. And sometimes, we just can’t solve these problems by going to a teacher, a friend, or an authority figure. In fact sometimes our enemies are these people. This is where magick steps in. There is nothing wrong with calling on a higher power for help when you need it and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with sticking up for yourself, whether you use magick or not, for making somebody fuck right off. Some people (like the entities we discussed) are just plain bad news and they won’t be anything but bad news. You should never feel bad or wrong for feeling like you need to defend yourself from someone who is out to hurt you. Free Love isn’t practical, Free Love isn’t real, and most importantly—to believe in Free Love isn’t safe. We live in a dangerous world and to believe otherwise is just plain naive. As the saying goes: “God grant me a sword, and never a reason to use it.”
  5. New Ageism has a tendency to encourage the belief that “not doing any harm” is the same as “doing good things”. The philosophy of the New Age movement is predominantly anti-violent and anti-society. But rarely do I ever see New Agers actually doing anything to give back to the community besides introducing people to New Ageism. Rather than live in the real world or offer solutions outside of their own belief system, New Agers would prefer to live in the world they have built for themselves—and if you aren’t a New Ager you’re not going to be a part of that world. They oftentimes prefer to meditate, even for hours and hours, rather than sort out their problems other ways, or they depend constantly on their crystals and tarot cards to make them feel safe or acceptable in different environments instead of actively adjusting to that environment. I’m sure not all New Agers are like this but this is predominantly what I have seen in real life. 

I don’t have anything personally against New Agers. But I do have genuine objections to their psychology and movement, and I think some of the ideas that New Ageism presents—while in a spirit of hope and giving—is setting people up for some dangerous situations. Especially in something as intricate and detail-oriented as ritual magick—just hoping and meditating isn’t going to get you where you need to be. A bright disposition is certainly a plus when beginning the high magickal arts but tempered with a prepared realism you will be in a much better place for making snap decisions and avoiding unnecessary disappointment. 

What do you guys think?


Whitewashing Defenders’ Greatest Hits




"If you have to have someone who looks like you in the media in order for you to relate then maybe you’re the one who’s racist"

"children don’t see/care about race"




"Color doesn’t matter! It’s about the actor/story!"



"there are bigger issues to talk about than representation"



"they whitewashed because they need to make a profit and attract their target audience"


"historical accuracy"

"It’s a European fairytale/story so of course the characters will be white!"

"whitewashing isn’t real"




"they considered and picked the best actor for the job"



(The best actor? More like the best we can do at this time.)



(It’s not the best actor when you exclude a racially ambiguous role to one race.)

"why do we need minorities in European stories!? they wouldn’t do a story about Africa with white actors!”




babies need to shut the fuck up and get a job

Drag artists wear the clothes that are imposed on women in male supremacy—clothes that symbolise the inferior status of women. The language and performances of drag artists are often the most clear manifestations of gay male womanhating.
Sheila Jeffreys, The Lesbian Heresy: A Feminist Perspective on the Lesbian Sexual Revolution (via queerfucker)

I have very mixed feelings about this.

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This hurts.

I need to go back to this city. Left me bewilderd and pictures like these bring all the emotions back. 


If you’re hot and you think I’m hot you need to speak the fuck up

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